FireArm Safety

3,964 Children and teenagers were shot in 2017 including fatal and nonfatal shootings. This is a lower count than the findings of a CDC study which reported that more than 6,400 children and teens were shot each year, excluding self-inflicted gunshots, from 2012 to 2014

Gun Violence Archive has recorded 307 deaths and 513 injuries since the start of 2018.

The goal of the safety magnets is to inspire change within the community and to help provide a happy healthy learning environment where children can learn and grow in order to  provide a better tomorrow & TO SAVE LIVES!

Our Outreach team is working hand in hand with Fire Departments & School children and many other organizations in participating districts. We are contracted to produce dual sided 8.5" X 11"  dry erase magnetized safety magnets. The magnets are distributed throughout the community by Firemen & School children in participating districts.



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